Julbernadia globiflora forest trees in our regenerative systems, others call it Troupin but we call it Kapale trees. Mistakenly named brachystigia but has lots of similarities. An amazing native tree which help fix nitrogen in agroforestry systems. The inner bark is a local source of string for tying in construction, we also use it for making traditional beehives, stitched canoes, bins and sacks.

Others use it to roll rings to carry baskets on the head (Nkhata ) large pieces of the bark are used for making containers, seats and doors. The pods makes very nice firewood. The wood is also used for poles, furniture and many other things. The tree is a very good bee forage.The tree attracts lots of edible caterpillars and beetles It is just unfortunate that these trees are being cut mercilessly by modern farmers to create room for short term crops. AFRICA is Rich lets regenerate

COme to the paradise and experience the amazing Julbernadia globiflora tree forest.