2 days permaculture Awareness Course

Permaculture Paradise Institute  will conduct a two days permacultre awareness training at the Pararadise, the training will cover  the following, Permaculture design and application,Local plants and functions, permaculture ethics & Principles, practical zones, guild at PPI, and soil & water management  all practicals.

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Permaculture Design

The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) training follows the original certification course developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. The 72-hour training is founded on Bill Mollison’s book, “Permaculture:

  1. All customized courses Mk 40,000
    / head / day
  2. All 5 days Courses Mk, 200,000 /
    head with certificate and
    refreshments only
  3. Permaculture Design Course
    (PDC) 12 days Mk, 500,000
  4. PDC One month Mk 1,500,000
  5. PDC 3 months Mk, 3,000,000 full
  6. PDC 6 months Mk 6,000,000 full


Agroecology is a science, a practice and a movement. It is based on scientific and traditional knowledge. It is a science that bridges ecological and socio-economic aspects. It can work at various levels farm, community, national, regional, and so on.


The consultancy offers onsite technical support for implementation of permaculture and agro ecology or any support customized in accord to client’s needs and wants at particular time and circumstances.

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Permaculture paradise Institute 2025 vision

Join us as we visualize reaching 100,000 farmers by the year 2025 with permaculture farming practices, partner with us by submitting your email below.