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our story


With the rise of unemployment in the country more especially among the youth; it doesn’t matter whether you are educated or not in Malawi, jobs are very difficult to come by more especially when you don’t know a lot of people in hiring positions this was the motivation behind permaculture paradise institute.  After graduating from college I decided i won’t among those chasing for pay check in corporate arena, i wanted to do what

 I love and that which I studied so I started farming and by little things were getting better and many people more especially young people wanted to do what I was doing, so the perimiculture Paradise Institute came into being, now we have trained over 5000 farmers across Malawi and the demand is growing by day. 


Our Mission

PPI is committed to make a positive change in the lives of Malawian youths and small holder farmers by providing low cost trainings that are intensive practical based

Our vision

For all Malawian rural areas have the capacity to secure their own food nutrition and income sovereignty at a house hold level and beyond


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