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Permaculture Paradise Institute

The Permaculture Paradise Institute, located near Mchinji, Malawi is a shining example of Malawi’s bright future!  The institute was established in 2017 by Luwayo Biswick, along with his wife, Grace.  Both of them are certified in Permaculture Design, and recently Luwayo received his Diploma in Permaculture Design from Gaia University.  I had the privilege this month of visiting this jaw-dropping example of Permaculture in action, along with my daughter, Khalidwe, and two Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.  All of us were blown away by what we saw!

How Permaculture can build resiliance and meet basic needs during a pandemic

Despite their urgency, coronavirus outbreaks, health crises and failing institutions are just some of the problems our global society is facing today. Billions of people worldwide still lack access to healthy food, clean water and sanitation services — being unable to properly wash hands and stay safe in the midst of a pandemic. And we are still trapped in an economic system that fuels environmental damage, from biodiversity loss to climate change, which is threatening the quality and sustainability of life on Earth.

An Agroecology Success Story: The Permaculture Paradise Institute

Born into a family of 12 children in Malawi, Luwayo Biswick grew up all too familiar with persistent hunger. While the government and aid agencies continued to call for more fertilizer and “better” seeds, Luwayo came to see the deeper flaws in a system designed to “provide maize at one point in the year.” Even when everything went to plan, farmers had to struggle through the long hunger season(link is external).



Permaculture paradise Institute 2025 vision

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