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PPI realizes the need for promoting and uplifting the welfare of vulnerable Malawians and other vulnerable people for the purpose of strengthening their family unit, alleviating poverty, diseases and fighting all forms of economic, social, political and religious barriers together with the desire to curb the problem of illiteracy among the peasantry population in general. We realize the need for promoting informal education in Malawi inorder to alliviate current predicates and ecological chaos, this is the reason why our services are intensive hands on practical based and customized to suit client’s needs.

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This training Course follows international syllabus and the certificate awarded is recognized and accepted globally.


The consultancy offers onsite technical support for implementation of permaculture and agro ecology or any support customized in accord to client’s need.


We offer internship in various agricultural interventions i.e Agricultural production systems 

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Agro-ecology combines elements of farmer's traditional knowledge with elements of modern ecological, social and agro-economic science creating a dialogue of wisdoms from which principles for designing and managing biodiverse and resilient farms are derived.
THE current challenges to agriculture posed by food insecurity and climate change are serious. There is a paradox of increased food production and growing hunger in the world. The global food production system is broken as we are destroying the very base of agriculture with unsustainable practices. Conventional agriculture has contributed significantly to the crisis including climate change. Meanwhile, the poorest countries will suffer the most from climate change; in particular, small subsistence farmers will be affected. encompasses the relationship between agricultural production systems and ecological processes. It includes all the techniques that allow agricultural practices to be more respectful of the environment


with fast experience in lecturing at local accredited institutions. we will offer proven lesson and techniques to apply to your farming venture.

Land Management

Land Management Professional Educator by the Savory Institute