Permaculture farmers vs Conventional Farmers

when planting in Malawi’s Planting all farmers are planting their seasonal crops which includes maize / main staple crop which most farmers depend on. These photos were taken on the 10th of December in Mchinji district where farmers are practicing permaculture, and their fields are green with lots of biomass while their neighbors who are still practicing conventional farming their fields are bare, the soils are depleted, no ground cover, no protection. Farmers practicing the ways of permaculture have a chance of harvesting more than just maize while reinstating the soil fertility.

On 12th December 2022 permaculture conducted their first supervision visit to farmers of Nguwe community in Kasungu, to provide a starter pack of seeds and seedlings and provide onsite technical support on implementation of Permaculture gardens. It has been one month after 15 farmers graduated from an intensive 5 days Permaculture training course which was conducted in Nguwe village. So far 450 seedlings have shared the farmers to help them establish homestead food forests.