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Permaculture solution to Malawi problems

Luwayo Biswick stressing on the capacity of Permaculture Design to address Malawi challenges, in this video Biswick point to some of the challenges that alot of Malawians are facing and how they can easily move away from such predicaments to a more resilient future for humanity

Creative climate mitigation in Malawi - UNA Harrogate & Zero Carbon Harrogate - Zoom - 17 June 2020

This workshop looked at how one carbon offsetting scheme, the “Quarter-acre Fruit-forest”, could mitigate climate change, feed hungry people and support the resettlement of young orphaned children in Malawi. UNA Harrogate chair Clive Wilson and Zero Carbon Harrogate chair Jemima Parker are joined by Harrogate’s Claire Collins of the Open Arms Infant Homes and Luwayo Biswick of the Permaculture Paradise Institute streamed direct from Malawi.

Cruize 5 with Luwayo Biswick

Luwayo Biswick – the man who took control of his life when he was 17 has seen it all. Has recorded songs, practiced martial arts and attained the title of Sensei, worked as a security guard, was arrested and spent almost three months in prison. But he is now known as the owner of a 56 acre farm where he practices permaculture. He is Malawi’s lead trainer and lead designer in Permaculture. He is in the process of setting up the Permaculture Paradise Institute in Mchinji.

A tour of our Zone 3 rain fed farm land

Luwayo Biswick showing how permaculture could be done for profit at a larger scale, based on a practical example of the Permaculture Paradise Institute in Mchinji Malawi. 

World food day commemoration at PPI

As part of the World food day, the European Union Delegation to Malawi funded schools to join the Permaculture Paradise Institute in commemorating the world food day at PPI’s demonstration farm. Pentecostal TV covered the event. 

Resource display at the international Agro-ecology day

Luwayo Biswick a  young agro-ecological producer from Malawi, presenting the products of his farm at a farmers fair held on October 4, 2019 in Lilongwe.


In Malawi people depend on maize as their only main staple rain fed crop, land is cleared, trees cut, grass burnt, house front and back yards swept, to give room for a crop not even native. Traditional knowledge of growing crops and keeping animals while still living in harmony with nature is lost, people are starving to death cause this crop from America is failing. The whole sustainable food system is compromised, so we need ways to reverse the situation. Luwayo Biswick is a Permaculture trainer, and explains in (Chichewa) on how we can still leave sustainably, produce all the food we need while benefiting all creatures of the earth.

Permaculture Practical Zone garden

Zone ones are places where we place elements that require alot of attention both animals and plants