As a team from the Permaculture Paradise Institute, we are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and addressing food security challenges in Malawi. Our food forest project, implemented in collaboration with Agroforestry Regeneration Communities and Imagine Africa, is creating hope for Malawi’s farmers and communities.

Through the permaculture approach, we are creating forest gardens that mimic the structure and function of natural ecosystems. Our gardens integrate various plants, including fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, and medicinal plants, and use natural techniques to enhance soil fertility and reduce water consumption. This approach promotes sustainable agriculture and creates long-term solutions to hunger and malnutrition in Malawi.

Handing over of Solar powered tap water project to Million Village Mchinji with support from SOPOWERFUL| Speaking to media during the event

Our food forest project provides clean water for domestic use and irrigation to farmers in five villages in Mchinji district. This enables them to grow a diverse range of food with minimal energy required for irrigation. A total of 165 food forests/gardens will benefit from this project, creating opportunities for local economic development through the establishment of the Farmers Supermarket and CAFÉ. This outlet market provides a platform for farmers to sell their produce at fair prices and for consumers to access fresh, healthy, and locally grown food.

Recently, we provided 5000 kilograms of maize flour to 100 farmers on Chisi Island, ensuring three months’ worth of sustenance until short-term crops mature. The farmers also received blankets to aid them in their transition back to their previous settlements, as well as seeds, seedlings, rabbits, and buckets for domestic water use. This is one of the ways we are helping farmers in Malawi to achieve food security and reduce malnutrition.

Handing over supplies to the Cyclone Freedy victims who are under Permaculture Food Forest Project at Chisi Irland

Handing over supplies to the Cyclone Freedy victims who are under Permaculture Food Forest Project at Chisi Irland

During one of our visits, in partnership with Imagin Afrika, we visited farmers in Jali Traditional Authority Mwambo Zomba district. The home gardens have flourished with various fruits, and the seasonal farmlands feature a variety of crops, including vegetables, pigeon peas, lablab, mucuna beans, sorghum, cassava, gliricidia, and fish bean. Our food forest project is bringing sustainable agriculture and creating long-term solutions to food security and malnutrition in Malawi.

Farm visitation to some farmers in Jali Village, Zomba

At Permaculture Paradise Institute, we believe that with more support and investment in sustainable agriculture, Malawi can achieve food security and improve the well-being of its people. We are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and creating a better future for Malawi’s farmers and communities.