Food Forest project

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Since the introduction of the scientific agriculture, farmers and consumers have lacked awareness and information on the dangers posed by chemical substances on the conventionally grown products to the growers, consumers and the environment. The conventional agriculture has provided for the usage of toxic materials in crop protection without putting into account the other implications they will generate and their effects.

Trees, shrubs and grasses have been cut to create room for short term crops. This approach of farming has brought many challenges to farmers of Malawi. In March 2021 Permaculture Paradise Institute introduced Permaculture food forest project to farmers of Mchinji district in order to facilitate nursery establishment and tree planting to help the farmers address the challenges they have been facing. This project targets small scale farmers who form over 70% of the region’s population and 65% of them being women.

The target project geographical area is located within traditional authority Mkanda to the south of Mchinji. So far 200,000 families have benefited from the project. The project has been made possible with funding from Agroforestry regeneration communities

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