Permaculture Paradise institute (PPI) encourages a sustainable farming method that emphasizes the interconnection of all living things, and is on a mission to combat climate change and food insecurity by planting 100,000,000 trees and training at least 100,000 people by the year 2025.

On February 8th, 2023, PPI donated tree seedlings to Mary’s Meals Malawi, which were distributed to 11 schools in Mchinji under the school feed program. The planting of trees was launched at Kamwazonde Primary School. Mary’s Meals has been serving schools in Malawi since 2002, but the school feeding programs face challenges in terms of access to firewood for meal preparation, putting pressure on the forests. PPI has stepped in to donate tree seedlings to help curb the impact.

Permaculture donating seedlings to Mary’s Meal in Mchinji, Malawi

PPI’s ambitious goal is to plant 100,000,000 trees and establish 100,000 food forests with a minimum of at least 1,000 trees per food forest, farmer, school, or organization.

As part of this mission, PPI has been conducting lead farmer training courses to train at least 100,000 farmers by 2025. This month’s training is focused on planting trees, and the movement invites everyone to join them in reaching their goal.

In addition, PPI has also been working to provide technical support to farmers on the implementation of permaculture designs.

Twelve lead farmers from Madisi in Dowa were promoted and trained to become community facilitators. As the project expands with new farmers recruited, there is a need for extra extension agents to help provide technical support to the farmers on the implementation of permaculture designs.

To help the facilitators with their work, PPI has provided them with push bikes to ease mobility as they conduct their daily, weekly, and monthly supervision visits. Smartphones have also been provided to help the facilitators with communication and data collection.

Facilitators receiving bikes and smartphones from Permaculture for Food Security Project in Dowa, Madisi.

The food security project in Madisi is being implemented by Opulence Malawi and the Permaculture Paradise Institute (PPI), which are supporting 600 farmers with the goal of reaching 1,000 by June 2023.

PPI is not only helping farmers to grow more food and combat food insecurity, but it is also working towards reversing deforestation and mitigating the impacts of climate change. With its ambitious goals and hands-on approach, Permaculture Institute Paradise (PPI) is making a real impact in Malawi and beyond.