Amidst the captivating landscape of Malawi, beneath the vibrant African sky, a unique symphony of learning and growth unfolded over several days, weaving together the diverse threads of agriculture, spirituality, and music. The picturesque setting of Permaculture Paradise Institute played host to an array of training sessions, each aimed at fostering sustainable practices and community development.

Day 1: Farmers Start Learning

On the first day, farmers from WIN Malawi Mangochi gathered to start a journey of learning. It wasn’t just about growing crops but understanding how to do it in a way that’s good for the environment and the community. Faces lit up with curiosity as they began a special kind of training.

Day 2: Getting to Know the Soil

The next day, the focus was on the ground we walk on (soil). Participants learned about soil science, how to take care of it, and even tried out some cool things with natural fertilizers. It was like a playground where the soil became the star of the show.

A Day of Music and Farming

One exciting day brought together two groups you wouldn’t expect, young musicians and farmers. Led by the friendly Masauko Chipembere, the idea was to use music to share important information about farming. It was like making a song about taking care of the land, and everyone joined in on the melody of learning.

A Triptych of Learning: Pastors, International Practitioners and Local Farmers

The following day was a whirlwind of activity, with three concurrent permaculture sessions. Grace Luwayo led a group of 22 pastors from across Malawi, exploring the symbiotic relationship between permaculture and spirituality. Simultaneously, Luwayo Biswick worked with a group comprising individuals from Spain and Malawi dedicated to implementing regenerative agriculture. Meanwhile, the Permaculture Paradise Institute continued the training of farmers from WIN Malawi, demonstrating the versatility of permaculture in meeting diverse needs.

The Big Finish: Farmers and Teachers Ready to Grow Change

As the training wrapped up, a feeling of power filled the air. Farmers and teachers from Mangochi, who had spent five intense days learning, were ready to create special gardens at schools. These gardens would not only provide good food for kids but also be like outdoor classrooms, teaching others about farming.

In this special place, where people, plants, and learning came together, the training at Permaculture Paradise Institute was like planting seeds of knowledge. These seeds would grow into a garden of smart farming, strong communities and happy individuals, a true celebration of how simple actions can make a big difference.