Over an inspiring five-day journey, Katsumwa Primary School became a vibrant center of learning and innovation during an intensive Permaculture training course, sponsored by Good Neighbors. This course not only educated but also united a diverse group, including eager school learners, dedicated teachers, chiefs, and local farmers. Here’s a summary of how these days unfolded into a life-changing experience:

Day 1: Foundations of Sustainable Living

Excitement filled the air as the training began, bringing together a unique blend of participants ready to dive into the world of permaculture. The initial sessions focused on the core principles of permaculture, laying a robust foundation for the days to come. Enthusiasm and curiosity sparked as everyone learned how sustainable practices could transform their community.

Day 2: Mapping a Green Future

The second day took a deeper dive into the essential skills of mapping and design. Participants learned to observe and analyze their environment, transforming their insights into effective, sustainable land use plans. This hands-on approach to mapping fostered creativity, turning abstract concepts into concrete visions for the future.

Day 3: Conserving Soil and Water

Focus shifted to the heart of permaculture – sustainable soil and water conservation. Day three was all about practical strategies to protect and enhance natural resources. Engaging activities demonstrated how to build systems that not only sustain but also improve the environment. Participants were empowered with knowledge on creating resilient ecosystems.

Day 4: Hands-On Transformation

Practical application took center stage on the fourth day. Participants eagerly applied their designs and methods, getting hands-on experience in permaculture practices. The school grounds buzzed with activity as ideas turned into tangible results. This immersive day strengthened their confidence and skills, proving the power of hands-on learning.

Day 5: Celebrating New Designers

The final day was a moment of triumph. Twenty new permaculture designers graduated, equipped with the skills and knowledge to drive sustainable change. This diverse group, now united by their shared learning journey, stood ready to apply their newfound expertise to their communities. The training concluded with a sense of accomplishment and a vision for a sustainable future.

This permaculture training at Katsumwa Primary School has sown the seeds of transformation. With the support of Good Neighbors, a new generation of designers is poised to cultivate a sustainable future, turning lessons learned into real-world impact. The story of these five days stands as a testament to the power of community, education, and dedication to the earth