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Our Business


This training was funded by the European union Delegation to Malawi to training communities in Chilombo on how to set up climate resilient systems that are ecologically sound, money profitable and socially justice.  At permaculture institute, we help farmers feed their families, raise health plants and animals, protect the environment through Agro-cology skills and modern farming training.


This training course took place in March 2020 at Permaculture Paradise Institute, it brought together individuals, government representatives, gardeners and Non governmental organizations. Each participant is suppose to register for the course in advance and payment is honored subject to client’s flexibility. 


We demonstrate Permaculture at a large scale in Malawi, in this classic example we are showing case our cassava harvest. We get 100 kilograms from 10 ridges of 70 meters long, if we sell the cassava locally in local markets this one tone gives us Mk, 200,000, this is a great milestone and a model for local farmers to act by, since alot of farmers in Malawi do not benefit after selling their produce due to the cost of inputs. Cassava is a very easy crop to grow and does well in very poor soils, it is drought torerant as well. 

Rice is one of the crops ignored by many Malawians as it is not regarded as the main staple crop, only saved on occasions and cerebrations like Christimass and believed that it only does well in specific parts of Malawi with alot of water / wetlands or along the lake, but Permaculture provides us with design tools and methodologies which helps us grow any crop anywhere in the world regardless of land, resource restrictions or climatic factors. To this regard we designed a way of harvesting rain water from upland into designed water collection basins which then we planted the rice and introduced fish. The fish was intentionally introduced to fertilize the rice as the rice provides oxygen for the fish to breath.

On part of our land we demonstrate wetland Permaculture where we grow crops that require alot of water to do well. Mchinji is one of the districts that is not know with rice farming although the area and the land is very suitable. We tried our first rice paddy of 0.4 acres in the year 2017 and we got 651 kilograms of harvested rice. In the second year (2018 2019 growing season ) we expanded the rice paddies to one acre where got 5000 kilograms of rice. if you plant one rice seed at 40cm – 60 cm apart that seed will produce up to 78 rice stalks each stalk producing up to 350 individual grains. If you pant your rice at 25cm – 30cm on average the rice will produce 45 stalks each producing 350 individual grains so you only need 4 seeds to get one kilogram of rice pack. Rice does not require alot of fertilizer thats according to how we have been growing it. This is part of the land that is mostly dedicated to commercial crops.