Permaculture conducted its very first training of the year, it was a free training offer to 40 new farmers of Mchinji in memory and cerebration of Chilembwe day. It was decided that it would be best to not take leave but to have a working holiday for the sake of poor Malawians who are victims of the Chronic food insecurity in Malawi. Currently over 70% of the population of about 19.1 million people are living below the international poverty line of $1.90/day which is driven by abject poverty, recurrent shocks, poor policies and implementation as well as reliance on weak livelihood strategies. Assessments from previous farmers who are now practicing Permaculture and Agro-ecology are producing enough food and surplus. These farmers are going to formulate 40 new permaculture farmers to make 400 farmers. Grace Luwayo took the participants through practical designs for sustainable soil health and Management principles.

Training Highlights in pictures

Permaculture promotes tree planting in Malawi

Permaculture donated 1000 tree seedlings as one way to promote tree planting in Malawi. Through ASCOD, YASD intends to plant more than 1000 trees by the end of the planting season. YASD is implementing ASCOD project with support from Permaculture Paradise Institute in Mchinji District.

As YASD joins his Excellency the state president Dr. Lazarus Chakwera in committing to the national tree planting exercise after a successful launch of the exercise on 23 December last year, YASD starts the work with Chiosya Extension Planning Area (EPA) in the area of Traditional Authority Simphasi in Mchinji District. In Simphasi, Msitu and Mtenthera farmers’ clubs have already committed themselves to putting deforestation to a halt henceforth, YASD donated 100 tree seedlings to 31 member Msitu farmers’ club and 90 others to 21-member Mtethera club as part of the organization’s Afforestation for Sustainable Community Development (ASCOD) project. It is found that avocado peas, Pine, Guava, Mpasa and Chisekese are among the tree seedlings that have been planted.

Among others, ASCOD aims to address issues of climate change brought forth partly by deforestation and overdependence of natural forest for livelihoods in rural communities. Mchinji District Forestry office has commended the organization’s efforts in taking care and replacing lost trees.

In a quest to provide a long-term solution to fighting deforestation in Malawi Africa caused by the destruction of indigenous forest, permaculture joins hands with Youth Alliance for Sustainable Development-YASD and Still I Rise in a tree planting exercise at Kholoni Community Day secondary school. Permaculture envisions that tree planting in schools is a great way to increase student interest in local environment and achieve academic goals. Tree planting provides teachers with the opportunity to inspire school administrators and students to affect positive change at their schools and, in turn, their communities. The trees planted will help provide a conducive learning environment to teachers and learners, protection against heavy winds, fruits, income, natural medicine, purified air, building supplies whist helping the school to adapt, resist and recover from effects of climate change.