During the first half of January of 2022 we were in Madisi, Dowa District north of Lilongwe City where we gave startup investment to the local farmers in the form of domestic animals that included ducks and chickens; the farmers we reached out were 200 in total. This was done under the food security project which is being funded by Vocation Bible Camp (VBC). Each farmer got a pair of a chickens and ducks.

The main objective of this project is empower farmers to be able to produce free fertilizer every year produced through these animals which is free from chemicals as compared to chemical based fertilizer which can only be used once and also having a negative implications on both humans and the environment which is contrary to carbon Zero policy by the UN. As the price of fertilizer gets high each year, these farmers will be getting more animals over time. This will also help address hunger and Malnutrition as well as poverty. The animals will be used to help prepare their gardens help break pest and diseases cycles when scavenging on feed.

We give farmers the right tools and resources, specific to their needs; tools which are not just ecological acceptable but sustainable. This will enable farmers to create resilient systems which will help address their challenges even when the project phases out.

It is our greatest wish therefore to reach more farmers in our catchment area but with limited resources we cannot manage to reach as many people but with your support we can. If you wish to partner with us on this noble project please reach out to us, we are always looking for partners to work with us to take this work to as many beneficiaries as possible.