wetland permaculture

Permaculture farmers in Mchinji are now able to extend growing and harvesting seasons by application of Permaculture principles into their wetlands which used to be spared for grazing animals. Agroforestry trees have been planted and are still small, sugarcane and bananas have been incorporated as well, the trees will help drop biomass, fix nitrogen as well as create conducive microclimates for soil biology. Wetland Permaculture agroforestry productive systems is one way of addressing the issue of hunger in an organic way. This is our new demonstration farm where we are building the farmers market place in Mchinji.

Visitation from Minister of Agriculture

Together we can

On 3 December 2022, the minister of Agriculture visited permaculture Paradise to talk all about Permaculture, it is an honor that permaculture was visited by the minister who after learning more about permaculture uncovered hidden secrets that can server Malawi from hunger, malnutrition, poverty, climate change etc.


Permaculture had the heralds singing group from Mchinji Seventh-day Adventist central church who came to celebrate with family and friends. The farm does not only provide food but also space for public events. After the party, the families were led on a tour around the farm to learn more about the capacity of Permaculture to help Christians grow spiritually, with the love of God and his creation.

New Farmers, New Challenges

These are newly recruited farmers in Mchinji district under the food forest project who are ready to farm the Permaculture way this year. Their farms are completely bare, the land is degraded, with no protection. This is where we start from and keep you posted on how we are going to help them heal the soil and boost production, introducing diversity and cover the soil. We cannot share the results without the basis. Be on the lookout.