The resiliency of permaculture

Permaculture is resilience and sovereignty in a dry but productive environment. As most farmers await the rainy season, this is the driest month of the year; fields are bare and dormant, trees have been cut and grasses slashed and burned, and maize harvested from the previous season is nearing completion. This is when we get all of these fruits with no extra effort. We have over 300 food plants, 90% of which we did not grow. This is the power of regenerative systems, practical agroecology, contextualized agroforestry

Food plants available

Naturally grown

Academic visit By LUANA

On 5th November permaculture had over 90 students from Lilongwe Universities of Agriculture and Natural resources faculty of extension. These students were interested to know more about Permaculture practices, how permaculture engages with its farmers, and their extension model to achieve a higher farmer adoption rate. Lastly, the students were led to meet permaculture farmers where they learned more about the tree nurseries and food forests established in the communities.

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Kasungu Trainings

Permaculture conducts a vital development project at Nguwe community in Kasungu and the training will be held for 5 days from 7th to 11th November this week. On the first day, 15 lead farmers participated and the main objective was to assist the farmers in redesigning their current commercial garden so that it becomes more resilient and productive. And at the same time, permaculture was responsible for aiding farmers in the establishment of integrated homestead permaculture systems. This was a journey working towards to the improvement of farmers and a contribution to a more sustainable way for agriculture, water management, practical soil science and management principles. Be on the lookout for updates