Marigolds are arguably one of the most beautiful flowers you will see. When you see them you will surely be drawn to their beauty which comes in different shades of orange, yellow and sometimes with highlights of red, gold, copper or brass. As aesthetically pleasing as they are, that isn’t   the only reason you will find them in our garden.

Marigolds can be grown in gardens for different reasons. They can be grown to serve as trap plants as well as companion plants. Marigolds can be planted to serve as  trap crops for Cucumbers, cabbage, beans, potatoes, melons, and more doing so helps keeps in keeping pests like nematodes, thrips, slugs, snails and bugs away from plants. In this way we don’t have to use harmful chemicals to deal with pests and diseases. No wonder this is one of our most preferred biological pest and disease control methods. As a companion plant, Marigolds will assist in the growth of other crops by attracting beneficial insectsrepelling pests, or providing nutrients, shade, or support. Marigolds have proven to be the best companion crops when grown along tomatoes and other vegetables as their roots are supposed to be soil cleaning in that way they help in eliminating certain bad root nematodes (Noel, Oct 29, 2016).

Marigold flowers also have medicinal benefits. They are known to have anti-inflammatory characteristics and can be used in healing. Dry herb tea may be used for gastritis, and is an ideal healing drink for anyone who has undergone surgery, (Jillian Levy, CHHCJune 19, 2017). Marigolds can also help to regulate women’s menstrual periods and benefits the immune and lymphatic systems.

The Paradise is full of beautiful things

When grown anywhere in the garden or around your home, Marigolds will help protect you and your livestock from dangerous insects and animals. Marigold flowers are known to repel snakes and mosquitos thus keeping you safe from harm.

Marigolds being beautiful flowers easily attract pollinators in a garden. Birds, butterflies, etc. easily get attracted to them. In that way they will help pollinate your crop and in turn increase productivity.

Growing Marigolds in a garden is very satisfactory as the seeds germinate quickly, (within just a few days), and bloom in about 8 weeks. This quick sense of satisfaction makes them a great first-time gardening project for kids and garden newbies.

By planting Marigolds in your garden, you will not only be brightening up your garden, you will be doing your garden and yourself a favor. Come and Visit us to learn how you can plant Marigolds and many other interesting plants.