Our Permaculture Paradise institute continues to offer an endless list of possibilities and opportunities, one of them is being a local tourist attraction site. The creative permaculture designs and systems used in ecofriendly food and animal production easily transforms an ordinary garden into a beautiful masterpiece. This masterpiece thus perfectly fits into a new form of cultural tourism, Gastronomic tourism, which seeks to satisfy the demand of a market segment related to the supply of food products. As a local tourist site, we receive visitors and tourists from different regions and countries who come all the way to appreciate nature and ecological systems. This week on the 15th of June, we were greatly honored to host the Nigerian National Defense force together with the Malawi Defense force.

During their visit, we covered Practical Climate Smart Agriculture. At Permaculture Paradise, we practice, teach and encourage this type of agriculture which involves different farming practices   that improve farm productivity and profitability, helps farmers adapt to the negative effects of climate change, mitigate climate change effects and contribute to national development. Our beautiful, harmonious and ecofriendly garden bear witness to the practicality of this type of agriculture. We continue to show to the world that Permaculture as a design science, can be applied anywhere, everywhere and by anyone.

 Permaculture is our future and solution to different problems, therefore it should be embraced and adopted by every institution, be it   schools, hospitals and even tourist attraction sites. When you look around, there is plenty of land which remains empty and unproductive, with permaculture, that land can be put to good use.

The permaculture Director (In shorts) demonstrating to the audience about some of the produce the paradise produces

A token of appreciation was presented to us by the Nigerian Defense Force College. We enjoy hosting visitors and if you are interested please contact us today using the contact information or use our Facebook Page, Permaculture Paradise Institute.