The first two weeks of October have ushered in a bountiful harvest season for our food forests, reaffirming the principles of permaculture abundance and resilience. As we celebrate the abundance of nature’s gifts, we have had the pleasure of hosting visitors who share our passion for sustainable living and holistic community development.


Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and ethical food production has yielded a rich harvest from our food forests and the dedicated efforts of our local farmers. More bananas from our food forests are now a part of our daily routine, mirroring the growth and abundance in our commitment to permaculture principles. These organic harvests form the heart of the culinary experiences we offer at our cafe and restaurant, ensuring that our customers savor not only delicious meals but also the satisfaction of knowing they support sustainable practices. Permaculture, at its core, represents a harmonious relationship between humans and nature, and the abundance of our harvests is a testament to this ideology.


In the spirit of knowledge sharing and community building, we had the privilege of hosting project managers from Community Servings and Investment Promotion (COMSIP). Their visit was focused on learning more about the practical applications of permaculture. We guided them through our food forests, showcasing how permaculture principles are integrated into every aspect of our operations. From sustainable farming practices to waste reduction and energy conservation, our commitment to permaculture principles was on full display. The visitors left with newfound insights and a deeper appreciation for the potential of permaculture in sustainable community development.


Adding to the excitement of October’s beginning, we were graced by the presence of a music legend, Ben Michael who chose to visit paradise with his team. Their visit epitomized the convergence of art and sustainability. Ben Michael, known not only for his musical prowess but also for his advocacy of environmental conservation, found inspiration in our commitment to permaculture. His team explored the serene surroundings of our food forests and witnessed firsthand the magic of nature’s abundance.


As October unfolds, we are excited to announce a special opportunity for those who have been asking for our last training of the year. In November, we will be hosting a comprehensive training course, a chance to immerse yourself in the practicalities of permaculture. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn and experience firsthand the methods and values that underpin our sustainable way of life.



Today, our commitment to sustainability extended beyond the boundaries of our food forests as we hosted a one-day training on sustainable thatching. A team from Chingalire village joined us to explore the age-old art of thatching, focusing on the identification of the right type of grass and the meticulous process it undergoes before it can be used for thatching. This special and rare skill is a treasure we aim to reintroduce to communities, bridging the gap between tradition and sustainability.

In these first two weeks of October, our commitment to permaculture has shone brightly. The bountiful harvests from our food forests and the enthusiastic reception of our visitors serve as a reminder that when we work in harmony with nature, abundance is not only possible but also sustainable. As we continue to grow and evolve, we look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor with the world and welcoming more kindred spirits who share our passion for permaculture and sustainability. Together, we can build a more resilient and abundant future for all..