The passion fruits oasis in the villages of Madisi in DOWA District

It was an amazing journey of 15 months of passion fruits oasis in the villages of Madisi in DOWA District, this is where permaculture aided a variety of seedlings to its farmers as a starter post training of which a total of 600 Families in madisi have planted at least 2 to 4 vines each.

These are very simple vertical gardens which require less space. Passion fruits are drought resistant meaning they survive in dry season with no irrigation through to the next rainy season and the leaves make sedative tea and also can be cooked as a vegetable.

With high malnutrition case in rural communities of Malawi we believe that the banana which are harvested behind shower rooms plus the passion fruits which are already producing fruits including vegetables and legumes grown within the food forests, farmers will be able to address this challenge with no fortified handouts from elsewhere as it has always been the case.

Join us as we envision 100,000 food forests by 2025 as a pilot our vision for Malawi is for every household to have a food forest.

Lately, permaculture has established its very first chinampa gardens, it is very dense and diverse.

This year has separated chemical farmers from biology farmers. Farmers who work with nature did not wait for inputs, they planted on time and have good diversity in their field and promise of food security and profit.

“I fear those who wait for farmer input support will struggle this year….Great example of mixed cropping” said Luwayo Biswick .

The best innovator of the year 2022

For the first time in history of Community Radio existence in Malawi, Mudziwathu Community Radio Station on Saturday 31st December, 2022 awarded best performer in education, Agriculture, Security, Sports and entertainment. The event was organized to motivate individuals who performed well as a token of appreciation and a reminder to them to continue serving the community diligently. Joseph Njanje, Mudziwathu Station Manager said some officers in sectors of health, Agriculture and Security have done number of remarkable achievements, that is why the board and management of Mudziwathu came up with the initiative.

It has been a long journey but worth it, our vision for the rural world has been acknowledged as the best innovation to address hunger. Permaculture would like to thank Mudziwathu community radio and Mchinji as a district for acknowledging our efforts towards the development of the district and the Nation.