Here at Permaculture Paradise Institute, we conducted a two days permaculture training which took place from the 18th of February to the 19th. The attendees of the training were teachers from Nazareth Secondary school, a newly opened secondary school in Dedza. The training fees were covered by the schools’ foundation.

The trainees underwent an intensive permaculture training which covered different areas like permaculture design, and application, local plants and functions, permaculture principles and ethics, practical zones, soil and water management. The training was spiced up by a tour guide whereby we showed the trainees all around our paradise for them to appreciate and witness what they were being taught. During the two days, the trainees appreciated and understood the importance of practicing permaculture through practical lessons as well as theoretical lessons.

The foundation, trust that the knowledge and skills gained can be passed on to their students. The foundation believes that this is valuable to the students as most of them are orphans and have little support. Equipping them with such kind of knowledge and skills can help them sustain themselves. Teachers also benefit equally, in cases where they might want to venture into permaculture farming and information might come in handy when teaching different subjects like agriculture, biology and even geography.

 We made sure that most of our lessons were practical and that they can be applied as solutions to different problems in our country, our lives and the present predicaments. We believe that the trainees, being teachers have gained proper tools which when put in practice can help address the food challenges by using locally available resources. By the end of the training, made sure that each of the trainees would be able to explain what they learnt but also practice it or help others practice it.

Participants practicing what they learnt During the session

As the world is going through hard times with present Pandemic we believe growing food is a must and priority as it is obvious that food might become scarce and expensive this year or the next. With this in mind we would like to be part of the solution by offering trainings and guidance which can help individuals and the whole country at large to grow food crops sustainably. We also would like to train as many people as possible, (not just farmers) across the country on the practice and the benefits of permaculture. On top of that, with the issue of climate change, we are hoping that through such trainings and knowledge, people may have a deep and better understanding as well as respect for nature. This in turn might help in combating climate change and lead to adoption of environmental friendly farming practices.

If you would like to learn how to grow food using local resources or simply want to appreciate the beauty of different permaculture designs, don’ forget to contact us using the provided information.